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What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver

Volume 13 - God’s Kingdom Comes! General Epistles and Revelation

This week’s lesson - Revelation 


1.  Opening songs (choose as many as you want): 

More Than Conquerors (Romans 8:37)

Sing for Joy (Psalm 95:1-4)

Do Not Fear (Isaiah 41:10)


2.  Prayer 

Share a time of prayer requests and praises before you pray


3.  Watch Video 1

password - 003670

(Please Do Not share this link or password)


4.  Activity:

SAY: "It’s great to see all of you at church today. How was your week?  We are almost at the end! We are only 2 lessons away from completing the Bible! Can you believe this? After these next 2 lessons, we will have made it all the way through the Bible. How do you feel about this? Since we are so close to the last book of the Bible, let’s play a game. Let’s each take a turn acting like Capt’n Pete -- hold your finger over your mouth/under your nose to make a mustache say your favorite person in the Bible (in your best Capt’n Pete accent). Maybe it’s someone from the Old Testament: Adam, Abraham, Moses, or Noah. Or, maybe it’s someone from the New Testament: Paul, John, Peter, or Matthew. Those are just a few examples. When it’s your turn, you can name anyone who is your favorite! I have a Bible here in case you’d like to look at the names."


GIVE each child a turn to share their favorite Bible person. Ask each child a follow up question: Why is this person your favorite? How are you like this person? SAY Thank you for sharing! It was great hearing about your favorite people in the Bible! Let’s get ready to hear about the final book of the Bible. Today: Revelation!

5.  Watch Video 2

password - 003670

(Please Do Not share this link or password)


6.  Activity: 

Play this game along with a quiz based on the video


Teacher Note: Each person will receive the Guess the Symbol Game Sheet. Encourage the children to cut out the game pieces. Fold the long print piece in half and stand the paper on the open “v” side. This will act as a stand for their symbols. Prior to class, cut out the extra set of symbols and keep those for later. Encourage each team to set up their symbols on their stand so that the other team can’t see them. Before starting the activity the teacher should have each team pick one symbol card, and place it near the V stand.


SAY: "It’s time for us to jump into one of the hardest books of the Bible: Revelation! Let’s play a game called “Guess the Symbol.” Let’s look at some of the symbols that are in the book of Revelation."

(Go through each symbol by showing the picture and discussing it.)

SAY: "Let’s cut out one sheet of symbols and each choose one symbol card and keep it a secret. The goal is to guess someone else’s symbol card first. You need to ask a “yes” or “no” question. For example you could ask, “Is the symbol an animal?” If the other person answers “yes” then use the cards we didn’t cut out to help you keep track (if you have multiple kids it may be helpful for each of them to have their own sheet of symbols to make notes on). Mark any of the cards that are not animals, so you know what kind of question to ask the next time. Let’s get started. I am going to ask a question and the person that answers it correctly will have the chance to ask their first symbol question."


Questions and Answers (after each question the answerer gets to ask their ‘yes or no’ question)

1. What is the name of the last book of the Bible? (Revelation)

2. True or False: The book of Revelation is the easiest book in the Bible to understand. (False)

3. True or False: In the book of Revelation we learn about heaven and earth being made new. (True)

4. Who wrote the book of Revelation? (John)

5. Why was John stuck on the island of Patmos? (It was sort of a “time out” for talking so much about Jesus

6. Revelation is neither historical writing nor poetry. What style of writing is Revelation? (Apocalypic)

7. True or False: In apocalyptic writing like Revelation, God reveals things through visions.(True)

8. To whom did God give the visions that make up the book of Revelation? (John)

9. What does the number four usually symbolize in the book of Revelation? (The four corners of the earth)

10. What does the number 144 symbolize in the book of Revelation? (the 12 tribes of Israel times the 12 disciples)


7.  Watch Video 3 

password - 003670

(Please Do Not share this link or password)

8.  Activity:


SAY Did you get all that? That is a lot of information! I think we need to take another look at this. Let’s play “Revelation Rewind” (you can print this out to read the skits or watch the video from the link below).  I will rewind some of the information by playing it on my phone (or tablet), and then let’s see if we can answer the question. Let’s get started with Revelation Rewind (Rsquared) #1.

RSQUARED #1: (Play Revelation Rewind #1)  (pause after each video to ask the questions below)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #1 - The book of Revelation is structured around the number seven. What is contained in the first three chapters of Revelation? (Seven short letters to seven churches)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #2 - The Christians experienced a lot of tribulation or trouble. What were Christians blamed for by Emperor Nero? (Starting a huge fire)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #3 - After the “mini epistles,” the book of Revelation is broken into three parts. What are the symbols for each of those three parts? (Scroll with seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #4 - The bowls were symbols of God’s “wrath” or anger. God gave John a vision about His anger. What makes God angry? (Evil)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #5 - Who does the lamb in Revelation represent, and what do the seven eyes symbolize? (The lamb represents Jesus, and the seven eyes mean Jesus knows - or can ‘see’ - everything)

  • Play Revelation Rewind #6 - Who does the dragon symbolize? (Satan)

9.  Watch Video 4  - (answer the questions as you go)

password - 003670

(Please Do Not share this link or password)

10.  Closing discussion:


SAY: "We learned many new things today. Let’s each take a turn sharing one new thing we learned about God, the book of Revelation, or our walk with Jesus. (Share one thing you learned.) Revelation is one of the trickiest books in the Bible to understand. But we shouldn’t skip it or ignore it. We should ask God to show us what it means and to help us understand. Let’s pray for God to help us understand the Bible better. I’ll start by praying, “God, please help us understand the Bible, and show us what it means for our lives.” Let’s close our eyes, and if you’d like, speak your prayer to God. You can say the same thing as I did, or you can say anything else you’d like to say to God."


Enjoy this lesson together!! 


11.  For later!

Here are some review questions you might ask each other later this week: 


  1. Who wrote the last book of the Bible (Revelation)? (John)

  2. What type of writing is Revelation? (Apocalyptic)

  3. Who is represented by the symbol of a lamb in Revelation? (Jesus)

  4. Revelation is tricky! Why is it important to read it? What is something new you learned about Revelation, or God, or your walk with Jesus? (Combined with the other books of the Bible, it tells the story of God’s great rescue plan.)

Big Question: Who does the lamb in Revelation represent, and what do the seven eyes symbolize?

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