6. Activity

          Play this game along with a quiz based on the video


Pick a parent to read this: “When we do something that takes us a long time to complete, it is good to celebrate! We are almost all of the way through the Bible! We’ve gone from Genesis all the way to Revelation. In our video, Michael is almost to his Grandmum’s house. I think we’ve all been on a long car ride before. Let’s help Michael make his long car ride more fun by reviewing Paul’s Epistles and playing Food, Family, Fireworks. The goal is to try and match your partner’s action.



1. Introduce the motions:

• Food- rub your belly and say “mmmmm”

• Family- hold out both arms wide and say “heeeeyyyy”

• Fireworks- clap both hands over your head and then say “shhhhhhhh” as you slowly lower your arms to your sides.


2. Ask everyone to find a partner. Partners stand back to back.


3. Explain that you’ll ask a question. Pairs can raise their hands if they know the answer


4. When a pair has answered the question, then everyone can play a quick game of “Food, Family, Fireworks”

• They must match one of the three motions with their partner. There is no talking or planning!

• Count to three and say “Go!”

• Both partners turn and face each other and immediately make the motion and sound that they have chosen.

• If the pair match, they say, “We’re in the Minivan”

• If they do not match they say “Oh, that’s Mayhem!”


5. Play the game again, by mixing up the pairs, and asking the next question.



1. In the New Testament we find several letters written by Paul. What is another name for these Letters? (Pauline Epistles)


2. Paul’s epistles were written to specific churches or specific people. Look in your Bibles at Philemon 1:1-2. Who was this letter written to? (Philemon, Apphia, Archippus, and to the church that meets in their home)


3. The Epistles help us know how to walk with Jesus. Look in your Bibles at Ephesians 6:1-2. What does Paul say to children? This is one of the Ten Commandments. (Honor your parents. Why is it sometimes hard for us tohonor our parents?)


4. In the New Testament, after Paul’s letters, there are letters that are not written to specific churches or people, but to all Christians. What are these letters called? (The General Epistles)


5. Using the Table of Contents in your Bible, start after the book of Hebrews and count to the book of Jude. These are the General Epistles. How many are there? (Seven)


If you have extra time, play a few more rounds of Food, Family, Fireworks.

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