10. Activity

Closing discussion using the words of Chuck Waggin’s song. (print out or open on a computer or just read them)

Ask - Here are the words to Chuck Waggin’s song.

Instead of singing the song like Chuck Waggin did, let’s say the words. 



You don’t have to live a better life for God to justify you.

Put your faith in Jesus — let the Holy Spirit guide you

In what you say, and what you do.

And soon you’ll know for sure it’s true

That Jesus’ love is changin’ you!

You’ll know you’ve REALLY heard,

When you’re a DOER of the word!

Your righteousness ensured —

Go be a DOER of the word!


Discussion questions:  What do you think or feel about those words? How is Jesus’ love changing you? As you grow older and wiser in your walk with Jesus, can you see a difference in the way you treat your friends and your family? Or have you seen faith change someone you know? Or is there someone in your life who follows Jesus that you can just tell they love Jesus by the way they act? (Share a story from your life about how Jesus’ love is changing the way you treat others. As always, be sure the story is appropriate and relevant for children.) 


PRAY Let’s pray together. Let’s each take a turn asking God to help grow us to be more like Jesus!


Enjoy this lesson together!! 

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