Hello Son Rise Church Family,

We’ve been blessed to be able to avoid any direct contact with COVID-19 over the past 7 months. However, as expected, we’ve now had our first encounter as a church family.


This does not come as a surprise. It is the nature of this virus, but in the spirit of safety, we will also be acting swiftly to prevent any spread. Having said that, Son Rise will be cancelling all events at least through Nov 8th, which includes our weekly church meetings and revival.


Now, for some details: This past Monday Brandy Ange started noticing symptoms and immediately took precautions to ensure minimal exposure. FIRST, let me say that she is doing well and experiencing symptoms similar to a regular head cold. Our prayers and sympathy are with her as she navigates through it.


The health department is now in the process of making a list of people who may have come in direct contact with her during the window of time it could have spread. Those people will be contacted directly and given instructions on how to proceed.


As for Son Rise, we are cancelling all events until at least Nov. 8th . This will allow those with potential contact to self-monitor for any symptoms. Although we’ve made efforts to be safe and pray transmission has not happened, we feel it is best to take a break from church gatherings.


During this time we WILL be broadcasting on Facebook Live at 10:30am and hope you will join! Please join me in praying for a quick and complete recovery for Brandy!


Thanks You,

Jason Woolard