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What is Basic 'Dude' Stuff?

Here at Son Rise Church of Christ, God has blessed and trusted us with many young men to teach, mentor and encourage on their own walk with Christ. These young men need Christ like men who are there to be role models to them, to encourage them, and to teach them basic things they need to know in life. We believe it is our duty to step up and be role models and mentors to the future Christian men, showing them and teaching them what it truly means to be a man of Christ through every day actions.


We have also been blessed with Godly men, who are equipped to teach, encourage, mentor and be a role model.


We have come up with something called “Basic Dude Stuff”, where we can combine both of these groups and practice biblical discipleship like we see in Titus. 

What will it look like?


“Basic dude stuff” is taking whatever you are good at, whatever skills you have, and using those to build relationships with young men; passing down those skills but more importantly teaching the wisdom of God.


Need some ideas? Can you...

  • work on a car

  • cook

  • start a chainsaw

  • start a fire

  • wash clothes

  • paint

  • teach tie a rope

  • throw a corn hole bag?


We need variety, creativity, but most of all we need YOU...a willing Christian man!

If you are interested in being a part of “Basic Dude Stuff” please check the button and we will get together very soon, thank you!

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