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What happens when your kids go to church?

Your kids come into SonRise whether on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night, the first thing they will realize is they have teachers who are excited to sit down with them, and teach them about the Lord in fun and engaging ways! 

Each of our teachers are strong christians and are there to help you kids grow in their faith. 

The time on Sundays mornings and Wednesday nights are set apart for you kids to be able to learn while you yourself can also listen and learn.

As we do hope your children have fun, we also pray that what we teach, they can tell you all about and be able to apply it to their lives day by day!

Upcoming events:

This will be updated monthly with events that you may be interested in taking your kids to!

  •  Wednesday night church- Every Wednesday  @ 6-8


about ms. Lydia

Hey guys! My name is Lydia Swain, I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in good ole Tyrrell county, just over the river! 

As i work on the children's program at SonRise, I pray i can grow connections with your kids, not just with me, but with the Lord.

If you have any questions for me, here is my contact information:

#: 252-394-5945


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